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What Is Meant By A Re-Exam Regarding A DMV Hearing?

Attorney Myles Berman explains that a re-exam notice means that when a person is given this notice, within a matter of days the DMV needs to be contacted because a hearing is to be conducted to determine whether or not the person’s license should be suspended. For example, we have represented people who have been pulled over for DUI or they are in an accident and oftentimes it’s elderly people who come into contact with the police and in addition to the DUI, the police officer will suspect that a person is unable to operate a car separate and aside from a DUI and will get them a notice of re-exam and submit it to the DMV.

Another scenario would be that person is visiting the doctor’s office or a hospital and they either complain of passing out, a loss of consciousness and a medical provider feels obligated to report to the DMV of this loss or lapse of consciousness. The DMV will then trigger on it’s own a notice of re-exam. We’ve also seen that where a client of ours walks into the DMV and based on the interaction between the two people the person had a disease and the counter person at the DMV misinterpreted that person’s disease as the person not being able to drive a car. That triggers a notice of re-exam as well. In this scenario, this is where the state actually wants to take away your license. We have been very successful with DMV re-exam cases.

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Description: It is related to a person’s license suspension hearing.

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