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What Does Summary Probation Mean?

Attorney Myles Berman explains that Summary probation is a very informal way of monitoring a person who is on probation. The court usually requires a person who is on probation to appear on future days to provide proof that the person is complying with court instructions. This is different than formal probation which requires a person to report to a probation officer. His instructions include providing proof that the person has enrolled in, is participating in or has completed a court approved alcohol program. If the alcohol program is a term of probation, failure to enroll in the program and/or failure to successfully complete the alcohol program could be grounds for violations of such a probation.

Any violation of probation is considered a breach of the agreement not to violate laws in exchange for the court’s agreement not impose jail time. As such, courts routinely order jail time when there is a violation of probation. Contact Top Gun DUI Defense attorney Myles L. Berman serving clients throughout Southern California and he will represent you with the care and attention you expect.

Description: “Summary Probation” is a very informal way of monitoring a person who is on probation.

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