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DMV Re-Examination Overview

Receiving a Notice of Re-Examination from the DMV can be alarming. You may find yourself wondering what re-evaluation even means, and why you are a candidate. In California, the DMV has the power to suspend the driving privileges of any person whose physical or mental capacity has been deemed questionable. If you have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder, migraines, a vision disorder, limited mobility, diabetes, dementia, or received treatment for fainting spells or substance abuse, you may be required to submit to physical or mental re-evaluation. The DMV will then review your mental and/or physical capacity to continue to safely operate a motor vehicle in California.

What if I Don’t Respond to a Notice of Re-Examination?

A Notice of Re-Examination (or a Notice of Priority Re-Examination) can be considered a notice of intent to suspend your driver’s license. If you do not respond to the notice by the deadline, the DMV will assume that you are not fit to continue safely driving in California, and you will lose your driving privileges. If you then continue to drive, you will be at risk of being charged with the crime of driving while license suspended.

How Do I Avoid Losing My Driver’s License during Re-Examination?

Physical or Mental Re-evaluation is a complicated process that consists of several stages, including a hearing. It is wise to seek professional guidance to ensure that your driving privileges are not suspended or revoked. The DMV may allow you as little as five days to respond to a Notice of Priority Re-Evaluation before suspending your driver’s license. Responding within the allotted timeframe is absolutely critical.

How Can an Attorney Help Drivers Navigate a Physical or Mental Re-Evaluation?

Our team of experienced DUI attorneys have decades of combined experience helping California drivers through the process of mental or physical re-examination. We will represent you at your hearing, research your unique circumstances, and form a plan to ensure the greatest probability of you retaining your driver’s license. We know the DMV, and we are your best chance at successfully completing the Re-evaluation process.

For more information about DMV Re-Examination, please click here.

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