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Information & Steps To Take When The DMV Orders A Re-Exam Of Your Driver’s License

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Overview: The Reexamination Hearing

Driving is a serious responsibility and the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has been entrusted with the task of keeping California’s highways, roads, and streets safe for everyone. A crucial part of this important task is the evaluation of driver competency. The DMV must ensure that all licensed drivers are fit to be behind the wheel and one way this is done is by evaluating drivers the DMV may be concerned about. The DMV may choose to do a re-exam of a driver if the driver has a mental or physical condition that could impair his or her ability to drive safely. Additionally, a driving record with multiple violations could trigger a reexamination also.

Other Reasons The DMV May Choose To Reexamine A Driver
  • A law enforcement officer observes you exhibiting erratic, unsafe driving patterns or maneuvers and determines you need to be reexamined.
  • The DMV receives a report from your doctor or surgeon, as required by law, that you have a medical condition that could impair your ability to drive such as a seizure disorder, Alzheimer’s, sudden loss of consciousness, untreated narcolepsy, or others.
  • The DMV has been informed by a family member or friend that they are concerned about your ability to drive safely.
  • During your driver’s license renewal process or initial application, it is revealed that you have a condition that could affect your driving ability.
  • You have a documented history of poor driving with multiple accidents, negligent or careless driving, traffic violations, etc. and the DMV considers you to be a possible safety risk.
Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman

Myles L. Berman offers legal guidance on DMV re-examinations.

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What Is The Process?

If you are required to go through reexamination the DMV will send you a ‘Notice of Reexamination’ first. Once the process has begun you may be asked to deliver your medical records or information, or other documentation that pertains to the state of your mental or physical health. The DMV may order a hearing on the matter; or require you to submit to further driving, vision, or hearing tests, etc.—essentially anything they feel is necessary to evaluate your readiness for the road.

Every case is different as is every individual so the process will be unique in some ways to you alone. Based on your DMV Hearing Officer’s careful consideration of your case you may be allowed to continue driving as normal, or he or she may revoke, suspend, or restrict your license and driving privileges.

Reexamination Hearing Support & Assistance

Our DMV hearing attorneys are seasoned professionals who hold years of experience in driving-related cases. We are knowledgeable in this arena and can help steer you in the right direction with all your DMV proceedings. We will inform you of all your legal rights and work to protect your interests through the entire process.

Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman

Myles L. Berman offers legal guidance on DMV re-examinations.

Call now for a free case evaluation (805) 920-8261.

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