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Many people in Orange County, CA, may not realize that they are in deep trouble if they are arrested for a DUI. Driving under the Influence is considered a crime in Orange County, California, which requires the services of an experienced and qualified DUI defense attorney right away. Being arrested for a DUI is a life-changing situation which should not be taken lightly. If you think you can represent yourself in court at such a critical time, you are wrong. DUI defense attorney Myles Berman has been defending clients involved in different cases and charges relating to drunk driving. These include repeat DUI cases, manslaughter caused as a result of DUI, reckless driving, drug DUIs and more. Contact an Orange County DUI lawyer right away if you are facing a DUI charge. An Orange county DUI attorney will be well aware of the local laws and court proceedings. Call (888) 486-7486 to speak with an Orange County, CA, DUI defense attorney and request a Free Case Evaluation.

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