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DUI / Drunk Driving Case of the Week

October 18, 2013

Officer saw our client’s left rear tire drift across solid white line in next lane and then continued on in original lane. Client’s right tires then drifted across marked parking stalls and then drifted back to left side of lane.

Client had 2 eye tests (horizontal gaze nystagmus) by 2 different officers. Client had bloodshot/watery eyes, odor of alcohol, unsteady gait and admitted to 2 drinks.

Client blew .08/.08 into portable breath test machine.

Client was then arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. After arrest, client blew .09/.09 back at the jail. Prior to trial, we filed a motion to suppress the evidence based on an unlawful stop. The court granted out motion. The prosecutor dismissed both the driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a .08 or greater in the blood charges. (The case results posted on this page do not guarantee the success or outcome of your case. Every DUI case is unique and the results may vary from case to case.)

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