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February 17, 2016


In past blogs I have discussed certain so called white collar professions that are vulnerable to the consequences of a DUI / Drunk Driving conviction or license suspension. There are other professions which can be negatively impacted by a DUI conviction or license suspension. Many professions that no one would ever consider would be impacted by a DUI. DUI convictions can have a completely adverse consequence on people who work with children. For example, social workers can lose their jobs if they have a DUI on their record. This is due to the nature of the contact that they have with the public. Many social workers drive children under their charge to medical appointments, parental visitations, and court dates. The county can be exposed to liability if they entrust the children to the care of someone with a DUI conviction or license suspension.


County Probation Officers also are responsible for transporting children to court dates, school, as well as jail. The County requires that its Probation Officers have a valid license. However, if the county discovers there is a DUI conviction or DUI suspension on the driving record the Probation Officer could ultimately lose his or her job. Or, at the least the Officer could have restricted work requirements based on the inability to transport the individual’s under the care of probation.


Educators are also punished for DUI convictions. Teachers, especially teachers employed at private schools can lose their jobs due to a DUI conviction. This is typically due to breaches of an employment contract which dictates the standard of conduct for the school’s employees.


Employment, or working for pay, is not the only area impacted for individuals working with children who are convicted of a DUI or have a DUI related suspension. In fact, many people are not allowed to volunteer for organizations involving children due to a DUI on that person’s record. For instance, certain organizations that are focused on providing leadership to young children perform background checks on their volunteers. Many times these organizations are nonprofits. If the background check indicates the aspiring volunteer has a conviction for DUI on his or her record – the applicant will be disqualified from volunteering for the organization.


In conclusion, a person who is arrested for a DUI must consider all facets of his or her life before deciding how to address this matter. The person should not only focus on employment. Instead, the arrestee should think about volunteer work as well. For instance, if the arrestee has children and wants to be a parent volunteer for their kids’ extracurricular activities, then he or she cannot be convicted due to the arrest.

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