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Can I Even Afford To Take My DUI Case To Trial?

Many people can’t afford not to take a case to trial. In other words, the long-term cost of being convicted often outweighs the short-term cost of taking a DUI case to trial. In California, a DUI conviction stays on a person’s record for 10 years. In addition, anyone who’s convicted of DUI runs the risk of losing their job, especially if their employment requires licensure by a state agency. So, if the consequences of receiving a DUI conviction are great enough, then a client will need to take the case to trial.

Is The Punishment Typically Going To Be More Severe Than The Plea Offer After A Conviction?

Whether or not the punishment will be more severe than the plea offer depends on the specific case. Sometimes trial will result in a more lenient sentence than what the prosecution originally offered, and sometimes it will result in a harsher sentence.

How Does Your Personality, Experience, Reputation And Style Impact The Outcome Of A DUI Case?

A DUI trial consists of things that go on inside and outside of the courtroom. For example, there shouldn’t be any direct interaction between a lawyer and a juror, but sometimes it happens anyway. If a juror runs into the lawyer outside of the courtroom and tries to start a friendly conversation, the lawyer should inform the juror that they are not trying to be rude, but have been instructed not to engage in conversation with any of the jurors. It’s also important that we are well-groomed, look appropriate and treat people with respect, because jurors will see these things. It’s very important to act professional at all times.

Jurors notice everything inside the courtroom. They are supposed to base their decisions solely on what they see coming from the witness box and evidence, but oftentimes they also consider how the attorneys interact with the clients, court personnel, bailiff, court reporter, clerk and judge. Sometimes something comical happens during the course of a trial, and it’s okay to laugh under such circumstances; I try to be myself. Ultimately, I can’t stress enough how important it is to behave politely and professionally at all times.

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