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At What Point Should Someone Contact A DUI Attorney?

Attorney Myles Berman explains surprisingly clients often call u when the police are pulling them over. After a person is stopped, the most common thing we hear is that the officer didn’t read the Miranda warning. While the Miranda warnings apply to DUI cases, it doesn’t apply until a person is in custody or under formal arrest. Furthermore, a person doesn’t really have the right to speak to an attorney until they are in custody. The law takes the position that a person is generally considered to be in custody once an officer has arrested a person. If an officer, does in fact make an arrest then the suspect can take either a blood or breath test or sometimes a urine test is requested. The law in California is that a person does not have the right to talk to an attorney before making this decision. Contact Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman serving clients throughout Southern California and he will represent you with the care and attention you expect.

Description: A person cannot contact an attorney before making a decision of having Breath and blood test in California.

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Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman

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