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April 1, 2016


When getting arrested for a DUI comes to mind many envision a person getting pulled over while driving in a residential area or highway. It may be surprising to learn that many people get arrested for a DUI when they are not on public roads. In fact many times people are eating a meal at a public eatery when they are arrested for a DUI. Below are different scenarios where individuals are arrested for a DUI.


While driving through the drive through of a popular burger franchise, a person (we’ll call her Sally) is waiting for the people in the minivan in front of her car to get their order. In order to pass time Sally begins to count the bags of food being loaded into the minivan. She starts wondering if they are going to leave any food for anyone else. After seeing the fifth bag of food handed over to the minivan driver Sally begins to nod off. She is awakened by a police officer banging on her driver’s side window.

The officer orders her to park her car and begin her Field Sobriety Tests. Even though she is not driving her car Sally is subsequently arrested for a DUI.


Arnold goes to a popular Mexican fast food restaurant to get the biggest burrito he can before driving home from the club. He legally parks his car in the parking lot and orders a steak burrito and a large soda. Arnold decides to eat at the table in the restaurant.

After a couple of bites of the burrito Arnold realizes that they gave a chicken burrito – not steak. Arnold is annoyed and goes to complain to the counter people.

While complaining an employee thinks Arnold is rude and calls the cops on him. Once the police come they smell alcohol on Arnold and initiate a DUI investigation. Arnold is subsequently arrested for a DUI.


David is exhausted. He took Xanax 4 hours ago so he could sleep but got an emergency call to pick his friend up from work. So he goes to his favorite hamburger joint for a burger and soda. He walks inside and trips over his shoelace. He orders his meal and walks to his car. He eats his meal in the parking stall. Ten minutes later the police approach him and say that one of the employees had called 911 because he looked intoxicated. David is arrested for a DUI.

All of the examples above may seem farfetched. They are not. Countless people are arrested for DUI at fast food restaurants. Try not to be one of them.

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