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Wide Variation Of DUI / Drunk Driving Arrests In California Counties

August 6, 2009

According to the California DMV, in 2007 DUI / Drunk Driving arrests rates had a range from 0.

3 to 2.9 DUI / Drunk Driving arrests per 100 licensed drivers. California’s statewide average rate was 0.

9. The five lowest county rates were San Francisco (0.3), Contra Costa (0.6), Santa Clara (0.6), Los Angeles (0.7), and San Mateo (0.7). The five highest county rates were Glenn (2.9), Sierra (2.5), Tehama (2.3), Colusa (2.1) and Inyo (2.0). Among larger counties, San Bernardino had the largest increase in DUI / Drunk Driving arrests with 11.1%. Among smaller counties the largest percentage increase was Shasta (40.8%), Humbolt (26.7%), and Tehama (25.0%). California counties with the largest percentage decline of DUI / Drunk Driving arrests were Lassen (-17.2%), Sierra (-15.0%), and Kings (-14.7%).

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