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What Does Breath Testing Turn Out To Be Inaccurate?

Attorney Myles Berman explains that there are many scientific reasons why breath testing is not accurate. But just more often than not, the results themselves call into question, the breath test results that were administered. Adding on to that, if a person has two breath test results, on the street and then after being arrested, they have another breath test which is another half an hour or 45 minutes later or a blood result, half an hour or 45 minutes later or even an hour and half or two hours later. The numbers, oftentimes are inconsistent where the person is comparing it between when a person is being investigated versus where a person is being tested after the arrest. So there are many scientific reasons for these.

The command of a large body of scientific knowledge in order for a good DUI defense attorney to be able to fight and win DUI cases, both alcohol and drugs. There are different issues a it relates to DUI drug. For example, the amount of nanograms in a person’s system can somehow indicate that a person may not be under the influence of drugs. At the present time, there is no statutory level of the amount of drugs in a person’s system to assume that the person is in fact impaired and driving under the influence like there is with alcohol for a0.08 or greater. Contact Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman serving clients throughout Southern California and he will represent you with the care and attention you expect.

Description: There are many scientific reasons why Breath Testing is not accurate.

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