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What Are The Consequences For A Minor Under 17 Years Of Age Who Is Convicted Of A DUI In California?


Attorney Myles L. Berman explains the consequences for a minor who is convicted for a DUI in California also affect his or her parents or guardian. Once a minor is convicted of a DUI in California, that minor becomes a ward of the court and the penalties is up to the judicial officer or judge who is presiding over the minor’s case. A conviction can include penalties such as attending an alcohol program and being placed in juvenile detention. Throughout the proceedings, the minor’s parents or guardians need to be in court on each and every occasion. Oftentimes, a minor’s case can take a lot longer to resolve.

Once the minor is an adjudicated ward of the court upon a conviction, there are subsequent court proceedings that the court often imposes or sentences for the minor to often follow up. Further, the court usually orders the minor to come to court on a semi-regular basis along with their parents to demonstrate that there aren’t any problems with the minor. Moreover, a minor could also lose their license until they reach the age of 18. Therefore the consequences can be substantial for a minor who is arrested and convicted of a DUI. Contact Top Gun Criminal Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman serving clients throughout Southern California and he will represent you with the care and attention you expect.

Description: The Consequences For A Minor Who Is Convicted Of A Dui In California Also Affects His Or Her Parents Or Guardian. Once A Minor Is Convicted Of A Dui In California, That Minor Becomes A Ward Of The Court, And The Penalties Is Up To The Judicial Officer Or Judge Who’s Presiding Over The Minor’s Case.

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