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What Are The Common Mistakes That People Make After A DUI Arrest?


Attorney Myles Berman explains the most common mistake people make is they don’t call us right away. I think people would remember the number 888 4 TOP GUN, not because it’s heard so often on the media but by not calling us right away they sometimes lose an opportunity to contest a licenses suspension with the DMV. The DMV must be contacted within 10 days in order to stop the suspension from going into effect, we request a hearing. There is a secondary mistake people make which is when the police give somebody who is arrested for DUI alcohol or DUI drugs, oftentimes referred to as DUID, the police give them a pink temporary license and take their driver’s license and there is a phone number on there that you are supposed to call. I hear so often that people try to call that number and either they can’t get through or it’s a recording or they are not able to navigate the maze that they sometimes have to navigate when they call and they just give up and they just don’t contact us until 10 days after the arrest.

Having said that, we are still oftentimes able to make a late hearing request and have it granted. So we are still able to stop the suspension from going into effect and get the person a temporary license which will extend beyond the 30-day temporary license that the police give out. Another common mistake people make is when they try to contact the DMV themselves. They actually walk into a nearby or local DMV office. That is absolutely not the correct way to protect their rights to drive and to stave off the suspension or to stop the suspension from going into effect in the hearing. On almost every occasion, we are told that when they go into the DMV, the clerk or the person at the DMV office tells them that there is nothing you can do about this and your license will be suspended 30 days after the arrest.

So there are direct lines that we have with the DMV that attorneys use on a regular basis so that we can get through to the DMV generally without any problems. Contact Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman serving clients throughout Southern California and he will represent you with the care and attention you expect.

Description: Attorney Myles Berman explains the common mistakes that people make after a DUI arrest in the video.

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