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February 1, 2016


Certain professions are more vulnerable to a DUI conviction or DUI license suspension. Sometimes just the stigma of a DUI can ruin a person’s job. This is usually the case when the person in question has a job that has a lot of public exposure. For instance, if a person is on the Board of a major corporation or charity, a DUI arrest can reflect negatively on the entity. This also applies to people whose job is not as high profile as the jobs discussed above, but instead these individuals are required to be held in esteem. For instance a high school principal or member of the clergy in a small town would risk the reputation of his or her employer by getting arrested for a DUI.


Other professionals who get arrested for DUI can have negative professional consequences. For instance, people in the medical profession like doctors, nurses, and even veterinarians are allowed to handle controlled substances as a part of their job duties. However, a DUI arrest and conviction is considered substance related. Persons in this category of employment need to be wary of suffering a DUI conviction.


By far the occupation that can suffer the most from a DUI conviction or license suspension is that of a driver. For instance, a person can be a pizza delivery driver. However a DUI conviction might require his employer to terminate employment due to potential liability issues. This can also cause problems for people who drive for the local municipality – like trash truck drivers.

However they may have more protection from termination due to civil service laws. They likely would have to deal with a suspension from job duties.

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Anyone who drives an employer’s vehicle usually has an employer who monitor’s that person’s driving record. If the employee is arrested for a DUI, he can be terminated – even without conviction.

Many times outside sales personnel, like pharmaceutical sales representatives, lose their jobs because of a DUI.


Commercial truck drivers have it the worst! The consequences of a commercial license holder are the most severe than any other profession. It doesn’t matter if they get a DUI on a hoverboard!

The first DUI conviction or suspension will result in losing a commercial license for a year; the second DUI conviction or suspension is a lifetime commercial license disqualification. This means that after a first DUI a commercial license holder may not be able to work for a year; after the second time for life.


In conclusion, a person who is arrested for a DUI should not focus on the cost of hiring an attorney. Instead, the focus needs to consider the long term consequences of a DUI on prospective employment. One needs to make sure to hire an attorney with proven results.

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Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman

Preserve your career with Myles L. Berman expertise. Call now for a free case evaluation (805) 360-4729.

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