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Fighting a DUI (Riverside County DUI Attorneys)

How Fighting a DUI is in Your Best Interest


Generally there are two charges in a DUI case: driving under the influence and driving with a BAC 0.08 or higher.

Being arrested for driving under the influence doesn’t automatically make you guilty. Many people fight a DUI arrest. In some situations, police mistakes, inadmissible evidence, and an unlawful arrest can lead a DUI case to be dismissed. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need the best Riverside County DUI attorneys to help you fight the charge and avoid a misdemeanor or felony. Our DUI defense lawyers serving in Riverside County have the expertise and experience you are seeking. Our team of attorneys handle misdemeanor DUI and felony DUI cases, so you can be assured that your future is in the hands of lawyers with the experience you need to achieve a successful outcome in your case.


Police officers can and do make mistakes which can result in an unlawful arrest that may be sufficient grounds to dismiss a DUI case. The arresting officer may make errors during the traffic stop, investigation, and arrest, such as making incorrect judgments in field sobriety tests, mishandling evidence, improperly performing breathalyzer tests, or mishandling of blood tests. In addition, if the officer lacked probable cause when the driver was stopped, then the arrest and any evidence collected during and after the stop may be inadmissible and a cause for case dismissal. To help you fight a DUI in Riverside, our attorneys will thoroughly review the arrest reports written by the officers involved to determine whether the stop and subsequent arrest was lawful and whether they were performing their duties properly. When you need the best advice from a DUI lawyer, look to an attorney serving the Riverside area.


A thorough investigation of the evidence collected during a drunk driving arrest plays an important part in DUI defense. Our lawyers will thoroughly review all of the police reports, including the breath and/or blood test results. We will also conduct interviews of any witnesses and review photographs of the scene. If your case involves an accident, we will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the cause. This thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding the arrest gives the defendant assistance in his or her fight against a misdemeanor DUI or felony DUI. In Riverside, the Law Offices of Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman has helped many people who were accused of driving under the influence obtain successful outcomes. We strive to provide the best DUI attorney services to individuals throughout Riverside County.


When you need DUI defense, look to a lawyer from our offices serving Riverside County. Our team concentrates on handling misdemeanor DUI and felony DUI cases in Riverside County and throughout California, and we’ve obtained many successful results for people just like you. Schedule a free consultation with our DUI attorneys today.

Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman

Myles L. Berman, Top Gun DUI Defense attorney offers unwavering support and strategic defense in DUI cases across Southern California. Experience a personal commitment to protecting your rights and securing positive outcomes.

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