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June 22, 2009

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 203,866 DUI / Drunk Driving arrests in 2007.

This breaks down to 197,602 misdemeanor and 6,264 felony DUI / Drunk Driving arrests for 2007.
Also in 2007, there were 192,213DUI / Drunk DrivingDMV Administrative Per Sesuspension/revocationactions.

An administrative persesuspension/revocation action occurs aftera police officer takesa California driver’s license and/or issues a temporary licenseafter thedriver hasbeen arrested for DUI / Drunk Drivng andtook a breath test with resultsof a .08 or greater, took ablood test or refuses a breath or blood test, or if someone under 21 either has a breath or bloodtest with a result of a .01 or greater.

Finally, in 2007, almost 76% of people facing CaliforniaDUI / Drunk DrivingDMV administrative per se suspension/revocation actionswere facing their first DUI / Drunk DrivingDMV administrative per se suspension/revo

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