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Myles L. Berman To Sponsor Heidi & Frank Show

April 27, 2012

I am pleased to announce I will be a sponsor of the Heidi & Frank internet radio show. I have been following their internet radio show for quite a while. Heidi & Frank has continued to build on their loyal following from the days they were on KLSX and KABC. Last week, I attended Heidi & Frank’s After Hours show at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal Studios in Studio City. It was an amazing experience. Heidi & Frank first appeared on stage as a hologram. It looked real! Frank announced I was in the audience and much to my surprise, I received a standing ovation. Their audience remembered me from the days of Frosty, Heidi & Frank’s talk shows on KLSX and KABC. I used to advertise for DUI / Drunk Driving defense on KLSX before they flipped the station 3 years ago to music. I still advertise on KABC for DUI / Drunk Driving Defense. Be sure to check out Heidi & Frank’s website at and catch their show.

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