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Myles L. Berman DUI / Drunk Driving Case Of The Week 4/2/12 #2

April 10, 2012

The officer observed our client jerk to the right from the car pool lane crossing double yellow lines into next lane for about a foot 3 times. The second time our client was about 1 car length behind another vehicle. After patrol car’s lights went on, client continued to swerve in the car pool lane. Eventually, client pulled off freeway and parked. Upon contact and investigation, officer observed odor of alcohol, red and watery eyes. Client told officer he needed to get off freeway because he was going to pee in his pants.

Client admitted to drinking 2 bottles of light beer, failed 4 field sobriety tests and blew a .104 and refused a second test on scene.

Client was arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. Back at jail, client then blew 3 times with insufficient samples each time. Client was charged with DUI refusal. On day of trial, client was offered and plead to a dry reckless. DUI refusal was dismissed. (The case results posted on this page do not guarantee the success or outcome of your case. Every DUI case is unique and the results may vary from case to case.)

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