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September 28, 2014

Labor Day is the only holiday dedicated to the American worker. It was created during the 1800’s as a way to show appreciation to these workers. Unfortunately law enforcement agencies have turned this holiday into one of the most aggressive days for DUI enforcement. The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has awarded grants to various law enforcement agencies throughout California for DUI enforcement. Below are examples of DUI crackdowns coming this Labor Day weekend.

Ventura County:  Avoid the 14 DUI Taskforce will focus on check points, saturation patrols, DUI warrant and probation sweep, and a DUI court probation sting targeting drivers who have a suspended license and are ordered not to drive.

Orange County: Avoid the 38 DUI Taskforce will have DUI and driver’s license checkpoints and DUI saturation patrols. They also will have DUI probation sweeps. This additional law enforcement activity will span through mid-August culminating on Labor Day.

Los Angeles County: Traditionally, since there are so many police agencies, expect a large number of DUI/Drunk Driving checkpoints and, roving/saturation patrols. Some police agencies have what is referred to as a BAT mobile. Interesting how they abbreviated and renamed a Breath Alcohol Testing van! I’ve been in these mobile police stations.

They are fully equipped to administer both breath and blood tests as well as a mobile command and control center.

Many, if not most DUI/Drunk Driving checkpoints are funded by federal, state and local agencies. Showing results for the funding entails making DUI arrests. This enables police agencies to receive future funding. As a side note, many police officers who will work these and other DUI checkpoints earn overtime pay. So, as you can see the state of California has a vested interest in DUI arrests over Labor Day. Each and every reader needs to keep that in mind when making plans this Labor Day Holiday. Please drive safely and have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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