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July 4th DUI Checkpoints Take On New Twist

July 3, 2009

After checking for this 4th of Julyholiday weekendDUI / Drunk Driving checkpointlocations, I found most of the publicity suprisingly vague as to specific locations.

What wasalso suprising is that many of the checkpoints will stop every driver that drives into a checkpoint in order to check for people who may beDUI,lack validdrivers’ licenses and possibly for possessingfireworks as well.

Generally, the police are required to disclose the specific locations and not stop every driver in a DUI checkpoint.

However, combining DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints with fireworks and driver’s license checks, law enforcement may feel it can be lessvague in publicizing DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints andmore aggresive by stopping every vehiclethan otherwise just looking for DUI / Drunk Driving suspects at DUI checkpoints.

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