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Ireland May Lower Alcohol Level to .05% For DUI / Drunk Driving

January 22, 2010

Ireland is considering lowering the legal limit to .05% (California is set at .08% for DUI / Drunk Driving) alcohol in drivers blood who drink and drive.

In addition, the law would lower the legal limit to .02% for drivers who are learning to drive, underage, and professional drivers.

However, many of the studies used to support this proposed law have come into question as the studies can not be substantiated.

However, the law, if passed, could not be implemented until at least 2011 because the DUI / Drunk Driving breath testing machines used in Ireland are either outdated or not properly calibrated for the new proposed level. It would take a male weighing 150 lbs. to have 2 1/2 drinks in his system to be a .05. A women weighing 120 lbs. can be a .05 with just one drink.

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