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MR. MYLES L. BERMAN® – asa* Myles Burman: A DUI can happen to anybody and it does. There are so many defenses to a DUI case; however, each case is an individual case. They’re your facts, your prosecutor, and your judge. I have yet to see a DUI case that’s just like another DUI case. They’re all unique. However, the techniques in winning a DUI case are techniques that we’ve developed and learned from others over the years: effective cross-examination of the police officer and other witnesses by extensive pretrial motions, having a deep understanding and knowledge of breath and blood testing, and knowing how to attack breath-test machines and blood testing. *means “also spelled as”

Description: DUI cases can be fought and won using proven DUI defense tactics. Our DUI / Drunk Driving lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout Southern California.

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