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In DUI / Drunk Driving Fatality Teens Can Now Be Prosecuted As Adults

December 7, 2010

A 17 year old teenager will be tried as an adult for murder in a DUI / Drunk Driving fatality in Akron, Ohio.

He will be held in a juvenile detention facility until he turns 18. Based on the facts of the case, the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office argued that the juvenile’s acts were intentional. The juvenile’s car was seen driving without headlights on. The officer’s attempted to stop the juvenile. However, the juvenile sped away and then crashed into a retaining wall near where a crowd was gathered and struck a bystander causing the fatality.

The judge in Juvenile Court found probable cause to bind the juvenile over as an adult for murder, attempted murder and multiple counts of felonious assault.

Apparently, the juvenile was arguing with a female who was also in the car with him. Parents really need to keep an eye on their kids at all times.

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