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In 2007, There Were Over 190,000 DMV Administrative Actions By DMV After DUI / Drunk Driving Arrests

September 29, 2009

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, in 2007 there were 192,213 administrative per se actions.

An administrative per se action is a suspension or revocation proceeding which is triggered after a driver is arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving.

Of the total number stated, 76% were for first offender actions which also included zero tolerance as well.

In fiscal year 2007/2008, there was an increase of 5.1% from the previous fiscal year in admin per se actions. Chemical test refusals increased by 2.9% in 2007. However, the number of DMV admin per se refusal actions had decreased by 5.2% from 1997-2007. During the first 14 1/2 years since the zero tolerance law for minors was enacted (1/1/94), 232,147 suspension actions have been taken by the California DMV.

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