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MR. MYLES L. BERMAN® – asa* Miles Berman: People often ask me what they should do when they’re stopped for DUI. Field Sobriety Tests are completely voluntary. In California, people do not have to do the Field Sobriety Test. That means the walk-the-line, the finger-to-nose, say the alphabet, estimate 30 seconds, those are all voluntary. People, also, don’t have to tell the police officers where they were coming from or where they are going to or how much they had to drink, but always remember to be polite and courteous to the police officer when you’re talking with the police officer. You may be videotaped. You may be audiotaped. Always be on your best behavior. *means “also spelled as”

Description: If you are pulled over for a DUI, you do not have to do field sobriety tests.

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