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Expect A Surge In DUI / Drunk Driving Arrests 2010 Holiday Season

December 24, 2010

While Southern California was hit with massive rain for a week, most probably DUI / Drunk Driving arrests were down during this period. Last week, I posted 10 DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints on my Southern California DUI Checkpoint web page.

In researching for DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints for this weekend, there does not appear to be many.

Therefore, it seems that since many of the DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints where “washed out”, most probably police enforcement will be intensified from Christmas Eve until January, 2, 2011. Usually, law enforcement likes to either equal or increase the number of DUI / Drunk Driving arrests as each year goes by.

In the meantime, our office will be available if you are or someone you know is arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving.

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