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Driver Convicted Of Drunk Driving On Motorized La-Z-Boy

October 27, 2009

Many states are cracking down and charging people with DUI / Drunk Driving who are riding on non-conventional motorized things after they have been drinking. Recently, a Minnesota Man pled guilty to drunk driving after crashing a motorized La-Z-Boy. The chair was powered by a lawnmower engine.

Lawnmower engines sometimes have 1 1/2 horsepower. The chair had a stereo and cup holders.

After leaving a bar, the rider crashed the chair into a parked vehicle but was not seriously injured. Apparently, the rider had a blood alcohol level of .29. While we have seen a number of cases in California when people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving are on non-conventional vehicles, the 2 elements the state looks for in cases like this are if the thing is powered by a motor and was the thing driven anywhere on public property.

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