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What Are The Causes Of Birth Injuries?

May 10, 2015

A birth injury is an injury that an infant sustains during birth or prior to birth. Injuries of this nature can have devastating effects on not only the newborn but their family as well. Birth injuries can sometimes occur naturally due to genetics or other factors, but there will be times that a birth injury is caused by a malpractice. When a medical professional makes a mistake during a woman’s gestational period of during the actual birth, an infant can endure permanent damage.

Parents who have to raise a child with a debilitating condition will be faced with many obstacles. Some of those obstacles will be emotional while others will be financial. Taking care of a child that has a disability will amount to many medical bills. The best Birth medical malpractice attorneys are shocked at the many infants that endure injuries every day during birth. The parents or guardians of infants who have suffered an injury during birth as a result of a physician’s negligence should seek help.

Birth injuries can happen when from one moment to the next. A parent might be ecstatic at the idea of having a child, but once their infant is born with an injury, all that joy goes out the window.

Causes of Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can occur by natural causes or they can derive from a medical professional’s mistake. Regardless of how it occurs, any birth injury can be devastating for an infant that is still developing. Some errors that are performed by medical professionals include:

  • Delaying a C-section when it is needed: Physicians will have certain indicators of when a C-section might be needed. They need to be observant when evaluating a mother.
  • Not using a vacuum correctly: Vacuums are sometimes used to assist with the birth of the infant. It will pull them out of the birth canal.
  • Applying to much force on the infant’s body: Birthing doctors must know how to maneuver an infant out of the mother without causing it harm.
  • Not using forceps correctly: Just like a vacuum, forceps are used to the same purpose. They help the physician to deliver the infant.
  • Not monitoring for fetal distress: Fetal distress can occur for a number of reasons. When a doctor does not monitor a mother and fetus for fetal distress, the infant can suffer severe harm.

Any of the mistakes mentioned above can have a severe impact on an infant, and even the mother. Determining whether an infant suffered a birth malpractice because of negligence can be established with a legal practitioner that focuses on birth injuries.

Seeking Help For Birth Malpractice in Miami

No parent wants to see their infant injured. If a parent could prevent their child’s injury, they would. Sometimes, the best moment in a person life can turn out to be the worse. Percy Martinez Law Firm has been fighting for these innocent children and their families who were harmed by a negligent medical professional. Once they take on a case, they do not rest until they have obtained everything that the infant anf family deserve.

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