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Canada using DUI prosecutions to generate money

June 12, 2008

From Canada comes another example of government using drunk driving prosecutions to generate money.In Ontario, a new law will allow the courts to impound a vehicle involved in a drunk driving offense if the vehicle was either owned or driven by somebody whose license was suspended for drunk driving at least twice over a 10 year period.

After the vehicle is sold, anyone injured in a drunk driving incident can apply for compensation to spend the proceeds. It wouldn’t surprise me that the government in Ontario takes a substantial portion of the proceeds before any compensation is paid to any victim. There is an exception to the forfeiture in that the vehicle can be released to the owner if the owner agrees to install an ignition lock that requires the driver to pass a breath test or agree that convicted drunk drivers will not have access to the vehicle.

It would not surprise me either that there are also fees in order for an owner to retrieve his vehicle, in addition to the fees to install the ignition lock.

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