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California DUI Checkpoints Generate Revenue For Local Governments

March 8, 2010

According to the Orange County Register, a study done for the year 2009 by Investigative Reporting Program at University of California-Berkely with California Watch found that more cars are seized than DUI / Drunk Driving arrests are made. Impounding of cars generated approximately ,000,000 in towing fees and police fines.

This revenue is divided by cities and towing firms.

Police officers received about $30,000,000 in overtime pay for the extra DUI / Drunk Driving enforcement. Also, during 2009, police seized more than 24,000 vehicles at checkpoints.

This represents an increase of 53% from 2007. Apparently, DUI / Drunk Driving sobriety checkpoints result in the discovery of thousands of unlicensed drivers in the state of California.

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