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September 24, 2015


Most people are aware of what I like to call “predictable consequences” of a conviction for Driving Under the Influence or a conviction for a DUI related offense. These include: jail time, fines, fees, alcohol program, community service / labor, and an Ignition Interlock Device. However, there are additional consequences that stem from the conviction.


One such consequence is not being able to rent a car after being arrested or convicted for a DUI. Typically, upon arrest for a DUI the arresting officer will take the arrestee’s license into his possession and give the arrestee a pink piece of paper that serves as a temporary license. The officer may impound the car. Sometimes the car is damaged and inoperable due to an accident related to the arrest. Many times upon release, the arrestee will need to rent a car due to one of the situations addressed above. Rental car companies routinely refuse to rent to people who have the pink temporary license. The companies are aware that the individual was arrested for a DUI and insist that the person have the license issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles in order to rent a car. This situation also impacts those who are arrested for a DUI and fly to a new state on business. The arrestee is unable to rent a car in the state that they are visiting.


Other people who are convicted of a DUI are unable to rent a car because of the requirement of an IID. The person has a license issued to them which indicates that that person can only drive in a vehicle that is equipped with an ignition interlock device. Driving without the device is against the law and exposes that person to future prosecution for that offense as well as violating their probation by committing another crime. Most rental car companies do not offer cars that have the IID installed. The company will note that the restricted license requires the IID installation. That person will be refused a rental car. I ordered lasix from one time and I didn’t have any problems with them calling me to approve the order. It’s always good to know that there is a real person behind all this. I can understand that some people find this unusual, but I guess they are not familiar with this kind of service. They call me up and ask for permission before charging my card and I never had any problem with unauthorized charges. is great online shop with good customer support.


Some people have trouble traveling when they are arrested for a DUI. This is because the Feds usually require a photo identification card. Many people have trouble boarding flights due to the fact that the pink temporary license does not have a photograph of the temporary license holder on it.


Another issue is the stigma of driving with an IID installed in your car. Some people can avoid showing it to others. However, things can be complicated if that person with the IID is required to drive clients in his/her vehicle. If the client/passenger fails to recognize that the device is an IID he/she may question the driver as to why he/she has to blow into the device to start the car and every 30 minutes while driving. Not necessarily a comfortable conversation is it.

In closing, there are a lot more consequences to a DUI conviction than just jail, fines, fees, and an alcohol program. As discussed above, a DUI can wreak havoc in a person’s personal and professional life.

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