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Another Orange County City May Publish Arrested DUI / Drunk Drivers Names

July 30, 2010

The Huntington Beach Police Department has recommended to the Huntington Beach City Council that names of drivers arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving be published.

The police department considered publishing the names after a local newspaper stopped publishing the names last December. The City of Irvine already publishes the names of people arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving, as well as other crimes, on the Irvine Police Department website. In addition, the Huntington Beach Police Department has been keeping track of establishments that drivers arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving say they consumed their last drink. What’s interesting about this is that police officers generally do not believe the number of drinks a DUI / Drunk Driving suspect states was consumed.

Why should they believe where suspected drivers say that had their last drink?

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