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There are several effective DUI defenses that can be applied to each case, and our drunk driving defense lawyer will perform rigorous cross examination and file pre-trial motions as part of each defense.

Being charged with driving under the influence is a serious offense, and if you are convicted, you face harsh and long-standing penalties and consequences. Individuals charged with a DUI need aggressive legal representation to help protect their rights. At the Law Offices of Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman, we believe that a DUI arrest does not make you automatically guilty. If you, a friend, or a loved one has been arrested for driving under the influence in Indio or anywhere in Riverside County, our drunk driving / DUI defense attorneys can help. Our lawyers have a reputation for obtaining successful results for our clients.


Generally, there were over 8,000 DUI arrests in Riverside County each year out of the nearly 200,000 DUI arrests throughout California. Law enforcement agencies throughout Riverside County are continually strengthening their efforts to arrest individuals who drive under the influence, so arrests for drunk driving are bound to increase.

If you, a loved one, or a friend has been arrested in the Riverside or Indio areas for drunk driving, our experienced DUI attorneys can help. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman focus on handling drunk driving cases, and they know which DUI defenses are most effective. We believe that a DUI arrest does not automatically make you guilty, and we will work diligently to reach a successful outcome in your drunk driving case.

General Riverside County DUI Statistics

More than 8,000 adult DUI arrests are made in Riverside County a year.

  • About 7,000 of those arrested are male and about 1,000 are female.
  • In a typical year, the California Highway Patrol makes about 4,500 DUI arrests in Riverside County, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department makes about 1,600 DUI arrests.


For individuals who have been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence, the penalties can be tough, with long-term effects. The penalties that people arrested for misdemeanor or felony DUI face can include:

  • Large fines
  • Time in jail or prison
  • Probation
  • Ignition interlock device placed on vehicle
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Required participation in an alcohol treatment program

These penalties depend on the specifics of the defendant’s case. There are certain circumstances that can involve other penalties for individuals arrested for DUI, such as:

  • Having a prior DUI conviction within the past 10 years
  • Driving with a minor in the vehicle
  • Traveling at an excessive rate of speed
  • Refusing to take a chemical test as required by the Implied Consent law
  • Having a blood alcohol content level of .15 percent or higher

Involvement in a multi-car accident, leaving the scene, or causing injuries to others can also increase penalties. In addition, conviction of a felony DUI can carry a sentence of a minimum of 16 months, to two or three years in a state prison. At our law offices serving Riverside and Indio, our experienced drunk driving / DUI defense attorneys can help clients protect their legal rights as a result of a drunk driving arrest.


If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI in Riverside or Indio, our drunk driving / DUI defense lawyers will help protect your rights. At the Law Offices of Top Gun DUI Defense Attorney Myles L. Berman, we understand the legal issues involved in a DUI arrest, and our goal is to achieve a successful outcome for you and your family. We have a reputation of achieving successful results for our clients, and we will work diligently to try to do the same for you. Contact our DUI and drunk driving defense attorneys to schedule a free consultation today.

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