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Plastic Surgery Malpractice In Orlando

May 1, 2015

A person who undergoes a plastic surgery, sometimes referred to as plastic surgery, expects a certain result from the procedure. A person may want to change their appearance or they may have suffered an injury that caused them to become disfigured, making them consider plastic surgery. Under these circumstances, plastic surgery is usually demanded. No one wants to feel indifferent with a disfigurement that they may have, although many people live happy with disfigurement.

What is plastic surgery? It is an operation done to alter a person’s physical appearance like nose jobs, face lifts, tummy tucks, among others. A person goes into a plastic surgery to come out “better”, but instead they end up looking worse than what they were expecting. Simply because a person comes out of a plastic surgery unhappy with their results, it does not constitute a medical malpractice. The surgeon had to have been negligent during the procedure by breaking the duty of care that is required for every patient.

A botched plastic surgery can impact a person’s life financially and emotionally. The Orlando Malpractice Lawyers that are specialized in plastic surgery have seen the catastrophic effects that a poorly performed plastic surgery can have on an individual and their family. Negligent surgeons need to be held responsible for their actions.

Indications of Plastic Surgery Malpractice

There are many indications and reasons for a plastic surgery mistake. There is no guarantee with plastic surgery, but the patients who undergo this procedure expect perfection. A plastic surgeon has a duty to their patient and must act reasonably when operating on a patient. Some plastic malpractice indicators include:

  • Performing the operation on the wrong site
  • Not acquiring a patient’s full medical history
  • A plastic surgery being performed by a surgeon that is not specialized in that area
  • Not being equipped to deal with complications

Only a surgeon who is specialized in that field should be able to perform a plastic surgery. Many doctors will claim they are plastic surgeons after having just taken one course about plastic surgery. Adequate judgment calls cannot be made by untrained medical practitioners.

Statistics Concerning Plastic Surgery

These are the statistics for the year 2015 provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgery:

  • There were 15.9 million plastic procedures
  • There were 5.8 million reconstructive surgeries
  • There were 14.2 million minimally-invasive plastic procedures
  • The top plastic surgery is breast About 279,000 people underwent breast augmentation
  • Liposuction is the second plastic surgery that is mostly performed. About 225,000 people underwent liposuction
  • About 218,000 people underwent nose reshaping
  • About 204,000 people underwent eyelid surgery
  • About 128,000 people underwent a tummy tuck

Orlando Lawyers Serving Victims of Plastic Surgery Malpractice

Like with every medical professional, a plastic surgeon must maintain the standard of care that has been applied to every person in the medical field. A person might not be happy with their plastic surgery results, but it does not mean that a surgeon was negligent in the process. Some people may expect too much out of so little. When a surgeon does botch a plastic surgery by being careless, they must pay for the consequences of their actions. The personal injury attorneys in orlando who fight for botched plastic surgery victims in work day and night to win them the compensation that they deserve.

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