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Cost Of Hiring A DUI Defense Attorney

August 16, 2015

DUI attorneys bill differently than other types of attorneys, such as personal injury lawyers. Some personal injury lawyers work on a contingent basis, but criminal attorneys do not. You usually need to pay them a deposit, and they will charge you based on various things, such as the fee structure they have in place, the type of results you’re wanting to get and how complex your case is.

Fee Structures

DUI attorneys tend to use two types of fee structures. One of them is an hourly rate and the other is a flat rate. If they charge by the hour, then you will be billed on an hourly basis, which will be specified beforehand. This type of billing means you won’t have to worry about overpaying and you will only pay the attorney for the time they spend on your case.

Flat rate means you’ll pay a set fee to the attorney. This fee will cover the length of your representation. Sometimes attorneys offer a discount to those who accept a flat rate. Just bear in mind that some DUI attorneys charge far more than others, and larger more successful firms will likely charge more than firms that are smaller.

Hiring A Lawyer For A Specific Task

The results you want for a case or the way you want to resolve it plays a major role in how much a DUI attorney will charge. For example, you might want to get a plea deal, and this means you will likely be quoted a lower price. If you want to take your case to trial, then you will likely be charged a trial fee, which is higher. This is because the attorney needs to perform extensive work and it means spending more time in the courtroom.

The good news is most attorneys offer a free consultation. This means they’ll evaluate your case for free. This is regardless of how they charge and how much they charge.

Cases That Cost More

The more challenging your case is, the more the attorney will have to invest. This means they have to spend a considerable amount of time on your case. This also means more money out of your pocket.

For instance, if your DUI case involves a death and you’re faced with intoxication manslaughter on top of DUI, then expect to pay a lot more money because that is a felony charge. More services may be needed too, such as attending a license suspension hearing. If that’s the case, the  DUI attorney will likely charge you more.

Average Costs For DUI Lawyers

Different factors play a role in how much an attorney will charge. This includes state bar rules and the local market rates. Other things that factor in include whether you want to go to trial or accept a plea. According to, for a plea you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000.

As for trial rates, there is a huge gap. You can pay as little as $3,000 or less, and as much as $100,000 or more. The complexity of your case and your offense will be the major factors.

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