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Cesarean Malpractice Miami Lakes

September 29, 2015

Cesarean also known as C-section is the surgical approach that is used in the labor room to make the delivery convenient, especially in the case when the life of the fetus and pregnant lady is at risk. Delaying the vaginal delivery would result in serious consequences. Hence, doctors have to approach this incision technique to take the baby out and safe life of both. It is basically performed by the incision in the mother’s uterine wall and in the peritoneum. The number of C-section is increasing day by day in the Miami Lakes either due to the patient’s personal choice or due to complications.

  • Negligence Causing Cesearean Malpractice:

Over the past few decades, the cases of C-section are increased either due to planning or may be no planning as in case of complications. The cesarean malpractice in the Miami Lakes is mainly due to the medical negligence caused by the nurse, doctor, technician or the administration of the hospital. It may lead to serious consequences such as the birth injuries to the infant or loss of life. Such harsh consequences are quite painful and regretful which break every parent’s heart. Bearing such loss is not easy as such negligence would be avoided if proper care and right procedure would be adopted. The inexperienced and non-skilled doctors may cause such severe medical condition. The cesarean malpractice may occur when the mother or baby is poorly handled during this delicate procedure.

  • Injuries Caused By Cesarean Malpractice:

Having a healthy baby with the safety of mother and infant is the most loveable moment and greatest blessing. But, the cesarean malpractice in the Miami Lakes would snatch such happy moments from the couple. The expected mother should be dealt with extreme care. All sorts of medical assistance should be provided on time. Failure to do so or neglecting any significant step or improper handling lead to the damage or unbearable loss. The possible injuries which may result due to the Cesarean malpractice are given as:

  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Wrongful Death
  • Lacerations
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Cesarean Malpractice Miami Lakes and The Law:

Do not be reluctant or afraid in seeking help from the attorney if you or your baby have become the victim of cesarean malpractice. The Percy Martinez is working wonder by taking the healthcare provider to the court whose negligence caused the injury to the baby or mother. It is not the surgeon who is all times responsible for such malpractice but it may be the negligence of the assistant, anesthesiologist or nurse. The lawyers of our firm go in the depth of the cesarean malpractice case and help the victims to get justice, compensation or both. The Percy Martinez law firm brings the liable person who is accountable for such loss to the court. Surely, filing a case against the criminal would not revert the situation or bring back the lost infant or mother but it would let surely give them punish for their negligent act. Moreover, taking the guidance and help of an attorney would be favorable because they are highly skilled and experienced.

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