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California Drunk Driving Statistics

August 16, 2014

Drunk driving is recognized as driving a vehicle after drinking over the alcohol limit. When individuals drink and then operate a car, risks associated with injury, death and accidents are increased significantly. While every one of the US states has laws in place against driving under the influence, there are unfortunately still numerous people that still make the decision to drive vehicles after they have consumed alcohol.

Punishments associated with “driving under the influence” may vary from one state to the next, but often are inclusive of jail time, license suspension, classes on alcohol education, and more. When a driver under the influence injures other people, penalties are usually a lot more severe. Even though there have been a number of steps that have been taken to better educate the country about the dangers of driving drunk, a large number of people still drink heavily before getting behind the wheel.

To date California still has extremely high rates in regards to drunk driving. In 2013, the Justice Department, reported that there were 214,828 DUI (driving under the influence) arrests from a population of 37,691,912. Below is a breakdown associated with the major findings derived from some of the California DUI statistics found on

Felony DUI Arrests

From 2009 to 2001, the number of felony DUI arrests decreased from 5,577 to 4,655. The statewide felony DUI arrest percentage averages around 2.6%. In Los Angeles County, there happen to be more than 1,000 DUI arrests on an annual basis, giving this county a 3.2% arrest rate, making it higher when compared to the State average.

DUI Convictions

The DUI convictions rates have also decreased over the same period from 77.2% to 73.1%. To date DUI conviction percentages remain higher among men than women.

DUI Accidents

Crashes with alcohol involved that caused injuries have decreased from 2009 to 2011 from a figure of 26,058 to 23,621. The latest percentage estimated for crash injuries in the area of California is 10.6%.

DUI Fatalities

The DUI crash fatalities percentage has remained very similar when compared to the previous years, staying around 710 deaths each year. Estimated percentages currently in California for crash fatalities are 38.5%.

Juvenile DUI

Despite the fact that the usual age for the DUI offenders in the state of California is 30-years old, 1% of this figure happens to be under 18. Drivers who are younger than 21 have been responsible for around 11% of all the alcohol-associated drunk-driving crashes.

DUI License Suspension

The percentage of the “mandatory” license suspensions decreased to around 33,000 annually in California. The suspensions for first time offenders make up the bulk of these suspensions. Just below 2000 out of the 11,000+ totaled suspension actions were for the felony DUIs.

Nobody would like to become a statistic, however, this can happen to just about anyone. If you have been arrested for a DUI and you require defense, call us and speak to one of our expert defense attorneys today.

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