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Avoiding Dui Charges In The State Of Florida

March 6, 2017

Although a DUI or DWI arrest can be devastating because it puts other drivers at risk and often results in hefty fines and incarceration thereby ruining a person’s reputation, it can sometimes be a good thing when it provides an opportunity for the offender to recognize that they have a drinking issue. Such issues can ruin relationships, cause medical problems and even result in loss of employment. Most first time DUI offenders that enter diversion programs acknowledge that they need to change their behavior and address their drinking problems. It is reported that drunk driving causes a car crash every 53 minutes and is fatal for 10,000 people every year.

The NHTSA reports that almost half of all fatal car accidents involve the use of alcohol. The total damage accrued due to car accidents is estimated to be over $53 billion every year. People generally don’t want to get in a car crash and face aggravated DUI charges in court and therefore should take preventive measures in advance. Some of the ways that people can avoid drunk driving and the resultant DUI charges are:

Select A Designated Sober Driver If You Plan To Drink

When planning on having some drinks at a party or get together it is advisable to select a designated driver who does not drink. This individual should understand what is expected of them and have everyone’s addresses, a valid license and emergency contact information on hand.

Use Public Transportation If A Designated Driver Is Not Available

If you have forgotten to select a designated driver or if you simply don’t have one, you can always rely on public transport. Taking a bus or train or hailing a cab are easy and affordable ways to travel when intoxicated.

Stay A Night At A Hotel Or A Motel When Intoxicated

Oftentimes at gatherings and social events, it is advisable to make sleeping arrangements somewhere close in advance so as to avoid a potential DUI. If you have partied hard then you should not be worried about getting home and should be able to relax when the night is over without the threat of an arrest.

Never Allow A Friend Or Acquaintance To Drive When Drunk

People are often tempted to drive when they have consumed alcohol although the smart thing to do in such a case would be to hand over their car keys to someone who is sober or use public transportation instead. You should never allow a friend or acquaintance to drive if they have been drinking. They may think they are invincible but it’s probably the booze talking. You’ll be doing them a favor by stopping them and someday someone might do the same for you.

Make Sure To Eat Foods And Snacks When Drinking Alcohol

Food can help a person to absorb the alcohol better in their system. It is smart to have snacks and other fillers on hand when drinking.  Do not drink on an empty stomach because this increases the severity of the impairment caused by alcohol thereby increasing the risk of an arrest for DUI.

Taking the above mentioned preventive measures greatly reduces the risk of facing DUI or DWI charges which can be a life altering event. If you or someone you love has been charged with a DUI in Florida then it is vital to seek the services of Stuart DUI lawyer to protect your freedom and safeguard your rights.

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