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Failure To Appear In Court
April 24, 2005

A criminal charge of any kind will most likely result in you being given a date to appear in court before a judge. Just like a criminal charge is something to be taken seriously, a date in court is no different.You need to be making every effort to position yourself for success in a criminal case, and one of those steps is showing up to court. Failing to appear in court should never be a consideration, as this would carry serious penalties and will land you in even more hot water with a warrant out for your arrest. Failing to… Read More

Failed a Field Sobriety Test? It’s More Common Than You Think
January 20, 2005

DUI charges are easily the worst situation you can get into, primarily because a single proven charge will remain on your permanent record for a long time. So, what’s your best move? That’s easy. Don’t drink and drive. Except that even if you haven’t even touched anything stronger than a Diet Coke, you could still fail the Field Sobriety Test. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, read ahead for some shocking information about how that works. Field Sobriety Tests are Only 68% Accurate The Walk and Turn Test, also called the Field Sobriety Test, is only accurate 32% of the… Read More

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