Los Angeles County Had Most DUI / Drunk Driving Arrests In 2007

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According to the most recent year the California Department of Motor Vehicles records are available, LA County had the most DUI / Drunk Driving arrests for 2007 in California with 41,286. This represents 20.3% of all persons arrested in 2007 for DUI / Drunk Driving. Southern California's 5 counties (Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside) accounted for 48.3% of all persons arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving in California for 2007. The California county with the lowest number of DUI / Drunk Driving arrests in 2007 was Alpine county with 19.

DUI / Drunk Driving Checkpoints May Not Be Effective

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According to the American Beverage Institute, DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints are costly and ineffective. Citing California statistics, in 2008, out of 1,000,000 motorists stopped at DUI checkpoints, only one-third of one percent were charged with DUI / Drunk Driving. On the other hand, publicizing the locations of DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints may have a deterrent effect on drinking drivers who are aware of the checkpoints and their locations. I wonder if a study will be done that measures the amount of time each motorist is stopped and use those results in the analysis of whether or not to conduct checkpoints.

California Supreme Court Recognizes Individual Differences In Breath Testing

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Recently, the California Supreme Court held that competent evidence of variations between people's breath alcohol levels and blood alcohol levels is admissible to show that breath tests results can overstate the actual blood alcohol level of a driver in DUI / Drunk Driving prosecutions. This scientific principal is called partition ratio variation which has been well documented in the scientific community for decades. This variation is caused by all breath testing machines being programmed to assume everyone has the same variation formula. In reality, this formula is only based on an average and does not take into account an individual's own ratio of breath alcohol levels compared to blood alcohol levels. Looks like credible science is making its way back into California courts.

Movement to Install Ignition Interlock Devices

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Many states are now requiring all driversconvictedofDUI / DWI / Drunk Driving to install ignition interlock devices. In 2005, New Mexico was the first state to requireinstallation ofignition interlock devicesfor all drivers convicted of DUI / DWI / Drunk Driving.Currently, there is a bill pending in the California legislature to fund a pilot program to require installation of ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers in Los Angeles, Alameda and Sacramento counties. One of the difficulties of requiringconvicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devicesis that often times more than one person drives a vehicle belonging to a person convicted ofDUI / DWI / Drunk Driving.

Majority of Drivers Convicted For DUI / Drunk Driving Are First Time Offenders

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According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, almost 74% of drivers who wereconvicted for DUI / Drunk Driving in 2006 (most recent year data available) were first time offenders (drivers who have not beenconvicted for DUI / Drunk Drivingduring the previous ten years). Only 6.8% of driversconvicted for DUI / Drunk Driving in2006 had 3 or more prior convictions during the previous 10 years. Overall, DUI / Drunk Driving arrest in California increased by 3.4% in 2007following an increase of 9.4% in 2006.

July 4th DUI Checkpoints Take On New Twist

After checking for this 4th of Julyholiday weekendDUI / Drunk Driving checkpointlocations, I found most of the publicity suprisingly vague as to specific locations.What wasalso suprising is that many of the checkpoints will stop every driver that drives into a checkpoint in order to check for people who may beDUI,lack validdrivers' licenses and possibly for possessingfireworks as well. Generally, the police are required to disclose the specific locations and not stop every driver in a DUI checkpoint. However, combining DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints with fireworks and driver's license checks, law enforcement may feel it can be lessvague in publicizing DUI / Drunk Driving checkpoints andmore aggresive by stopping every vehiclethan otherwise just looking for DUI / Drunk Driving suspects at DUI checkpoints.