Tampa, Florida prosecutors do the right thing

Sep 14, 2007 — by Myles L. Berman | Comments (0)
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Most people think that as long as they drive under "the legal limit" they will not have to worry about a DUI / Drunk Driving arrest. This is a misperception that could not be further from reality. While in almost all states, the legal limit is .08, people who drive below the legal limit are often times arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving. A police officer in Tampa, Florida was known as one of Hillsborough County's most aggressive DUI / Drunk Driving arresting officers. In one year alone, the officer arrested 58 people whose alcohol level was below a .08. In 43 of those 58 cases, there was no demonstrated visible impairment while they were driving. In many instances, investigators found that his police reports were inconsistent with what was depicted in his cruiser's video camera.

Zamboni DUI prosecution gets the deep freeze

Sep 13, 2007 — by Myles L. Berman | Comments (0)
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In the never ending effort to clamp down on DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI, a Zamboni (ice cleaning machine) operator was arrested in New Jersey for DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI after it was reported by a fellow employee that the Zamboni was speeding and nearly crashed into the boards. A New Jersey Judge ruled the Zamboni driver can not be prosecuted for DUI / Drunk Driving / DWI because the Zamboni can't be used on the highways nor carry passengers. Look for states to be more creative in their ability to prosecute people arrested for operating any type of vehicle in any place at any time.

California gears up for more DUI prosecutions

Sep 12, 2007 — by Myles L. Berman | Comments (0)
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This year, California prosecutors announced they received a Federal grant in the amount of $3.6 million to reduce DUI / Drunk Driving in the State of California. Funding is to assist in the hiring of prosecutors to train other prosecutors on how to better handle DUI / Drunk Driving prosecutions. The ultimate goal is to increase the 77% conviction rate of all DUI / Drunk Driving arrests in the state of California. In addition to convicting more people for DUI / Drunk Driving, the state also hopes to generate more sources of revenue as a result of court fines imposed upon a DUI / Drunk Driving conviction.